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Serving members of our communities

Aveshka is in the business of making a meaningful and lasting difference for our employees and our clients – this vision ultimately extends to making a difference in the lives of those in our communities as well. We aim to help causes that not only do that, but also hold great meaning to our company.


The COVID-19 HOPE Quilt | Together We Will Heal

Aveshka is a proud corporate sponsor of the COVID-19 Hope Quilt and the Together We Will Heal art projects, founded by Diane Canney. These grassroots art projects are done in conjunction with the Loudoun Arts Council.

The HOPE Quilt began as a grassroots movement in Loudoun County, Virginia in August 2020, using art as a way to honor and share gratitude to frontline workers who risked their lives to keep others safe and instill hope during the COVID-19 pandemic. The quilt was loosely based on the idea of the 1985 AIDS quilt that helped bring public interest towards a treatment and cure for it.

As of May 2021, the HOPE Quilt has received hundreds of panel submissions. Over 550 panels have been displayed on 9′ x 30′ “Letters of Hope” in various towns and communities. Panel designs were contributed by people all over the country, ranging from ages 5-95.

The Together We Will Heal project commissions portrait artists to capture the faces of unsung heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as writers who will capture the heroes’ stories. The portraits will be placed on traveling exhibits for airports, museums, hospitals, and venues with large public spaces.

Would you like to participate and design a panel? Contact us for more details.

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Aveshka’s Quilt Panel Design


At the onset of the pandemic, Aveshka personnel were thwarted into response support and operations activities, helping customers, federal agencies, and frontline workers navigate the novel Coronavirus. Aveshka’s panel reflects the design of their company “challenge coin” made to award to its personnel that have gone above and beyond in its support for matters surrounding the pandemic.